Something somthing

How are you connecting with your tribe?

Copy is about sales | Make them Care

Brand is about identity | Connect with them

Marketing is about value | Show your true self

No matter your business goal you need to make money.
And the best way to do that, oddly enough?
Make sure your people trust you.

Which isn't hard to do when you have something worth trusting.

Brand consistancy communicates trust
Copy should push action

And your marketing should showcase value.

If they can see your worth, believe and trust, then action will be the logical next step.
Once you know where you are you can figure out where to go next.

And that is what I do.


Products Tools

Branding | Visuals/Ethos

Written | Content/Copy

Marketing | Ads, Digital/Print

Kalann tC site banner


See It

Visuals are the first introduction to your products.

What give the first impression and often what catches the readers attention first.

Make it stick.

With the visual service, a logo and other elements of a visual brand are a session away. Stand out and make your mark as clear and distinct as your fingerprint (or body odor).

  • Logos
  • Social Media Designs
  • Business Cards
  • Site Design
  • Covers: Book, Youtube, Product
  • Posters, Banners, and Advertising

Copy + Writing

A budget's famous last words

Create It

QUICK, What Two Letters Come After "SA" and usually mean "time to get your wallet"?

Exchanged for soul-sucking, corperate copy, storytelling has become an after-thought instead of a primary aim. The result? Mediocre copy.

Whether in your brand or your advertizing Your story matters. We were made for story, after all.

And Not To Brag, But, Copy is my bread and lactose-free butter.

But this isn’t about me: *number of words* are chosen every day. That means you better be supremely sure yours are going to do exactly what you need them to do, which is reach your people, make them feel, and convert them as efficiently as possible.

Don’t leave up to chance what you could be sure about.

  • Ads
  • Sales Pages and Product Descriptions

  • Website and Landing Page Copy

  • Product Email Copy + Campaigns

  • Web Content: Articles, Blog Posts, Social Media Copy

Marketing + Content

Listen and Connect

Demographics – population data relating to region and location – used to tell us everything we needed to know. Or everything we thought we needed to know. Unfortunatetly, that isn't the case anymore. Psychographics, that is attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, tells us what demographics used to.

Now this part can be confusing, but stay with me.

This is a little bit more vague, but bear with me.

Content marketing is not copywriting.

Content is a consumable, whereas copy is for action.

While both (ideally) lead to an eventual sale, Copy is directly meant to sell, whereas content, like all marketing, is for value.

Yes, there is overlap, but content marketing shines when you:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Content
  • Ideation For Digital + Print
  • Create a blog series that explains how your service can be applied in 22 different ways
  • Showcase how your product can be used in 22 different recipes
  • Display how your business is making a difference in an area like poverty or world hunger
  • Draft, Design, and copywriting new advertisements to alert new business about an amazing new promotional

Basically what your FBI agent does, but less invasive


Stand Out

Branding is about the identity of your business. A logo is only one part of the brand, which is the heart and soul of your product or service business. It is how your customers are treated and how they feel about your service; it is the identifiers that resonate with them, and help them know that what they love — or loath — is within arms reach. Your goal here is to attract them then delight.

Yes, this service includes Logos

Just importantly

  • Brandstory development
  • Visual &/or Editorial (tone) Style guide for both Digital and Print
  • Mission + Vision, Core Values, and Biographies
  • Demographic/Psychographic profiling

It isn't hard to stand out when you're not afraid to be bold.


Portfolio Samples In Picture

Here you can see a few samples of work I've done. Check it out!

This was a logo designed for an outpatient service-provider that also needed a website to reach potential clients and patients alike. Now, they enjoy a more professional appearance and cohesive brand.
Logo Design - This was a created for a community-focused Non-Profit Organization based out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Prior to, they had not had an official logo and their website had gone over a decade without an update. Whew. In Addition to the logo, I also designed the website and email copy as needed for a cause close to my heart
Another Logo designed, with over 25 years of experience, well beyond $10,000,000 in approved funds and a website over 15 years old, this grantwriting provider was in dire need of an upgrade! The final logo has a look of experience and authority, and the site is simple enough that it says everything it needs to and nothing it doesn't. Rather than use the typical ".com", we opted instead for a unique URL that would stand out from the competition and further propel this business.
The final draft of several rounds of edits, this cover was created to help set the tone for the video, and the channel. Client reported increased viewership, traction, and was extremely satisfied!
Due to COVID we have seen many of America's businesses and well known establishments take the dive. To combat, some have decided to run on-wards, through the difficulty and uncertainty. After new implimenting new Health & Safety Measures, L.A. Fitness, specifically in Woodbury Heights, NJ began opening its doors and this was an advertisement we used to get the word out

“When people put their kids to sleep, nobody tells bedtime facts.”

- Jonah Berger