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About the same as a few cups of coffee. Like a reallly good, organic coffee.

One Off

Great for Single Gigs

Best for:

- Standalone posts

- Editing/Proofreading

"So you need a job and you need it done FAST. This is your best option. We'll get the details and get to work, simple and easy."

Articles, Branding Website Copy Starting at $120

Starting $500 Website Building


Optimized for scheduled, consistent ongoing work

Best for:

Blog or Article Series

Email Sequence

"This option is great for a brand that is looking for consistent and possibly long-term work. Especially great for building content, boosting a following and your other internetting needs."

Starting at $32/hr

"On Call"

Great for consistent work, but irregular timing

Best for:

– Social Media Content
Growth Consultations
– On-Boarding
– Big/Passion Projects –Relationship Advice

"So you Know you'll need help, but aren't sure when you'll need it. This option is perfect for the irregular job. Everything from building workflow systems, On-boarding guides, or just an article here or there."

Hr/Rates Vary Depending on Scope and Availability