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About Writing

Content, Copy, and nothing to do with "Trademarking"

What's a "Content writer" and why do you need one?

By now you know My name is Kalann, and that I am a freelance content writer.

We know copy is the oxygen of the internet. The words you see telling you about your favorite brands, the weekly 'once-in-a-lifetime' Sales happening every other week and the words you're reading right now.

Copy can be for everything from sales to branding, information to entertainment, and so very much more.

Now we can get into Content refers to a "product" or creation that is usually packaged information for consumption or distribution to an audience.
Ex. Social media posts, comedic videos, and your favorite 'heading home from work' podcast are all different kinds of content.

WrittenContent refers to things like satirical articles, "Top 5" blog posts, and recipes of your grandcats' special tuna-melt. A content writer is the originator and producer of these kinds of products and writes and forms copy to fit.

I hope this helps.

But just in case it doesn't, I'll make it shorter:

Content is the "thing", copy are the words about the thing that help make up the thing the thing:
The copy can be a part of or the entire package of content, and the content can be made up mostly or totally of copy.

Even easier:
Copy = Bricks

Content = House

Copy & Content = House w/ bricks

Copywriter = Contractor (or a mason)

Content Writer = Real Estate Agent that also does those fun renovation shows

Me = Contractor and Real Estate Agent

Main Take Away: You need stuff written down and I can write it, so hit me up.

About me

You know my name, here is my story.


*Skip to the bottom for a shorter version*

After graduating in 2015 from
Messiah College with a B.A. in Psychology and minor in Peace and Conflict Studies, I spent time between home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and work in Los Angeles.

At home I was a Head Coach for junior high wrestling by day and a Substitute Teacher by earlier day.

Away, I was a camp counselor and a host of other things (including a host), but I found helping people to be especially rewarding.

I thrive on helping people with their "thing", and wanted to do so no matter what coast or time zone I was in, so I started writing.
So I started, right then to work. For a content agency, freelance for entrepreneurs, small businesses, for blogs and brands, and for you.

After graduating in I spent time between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and work in Los Angeles, and I like traveling and not the winter so I write to support my addiction to nice weather and asking people personal business questions.

PA is great in the fall. Easily it's best season.


Faith, fitness, and flow are my favorite topics, but if you're a small business and need a hand with words, I got you.

About WHat I do

The "Why"

Similar to social dancing or boba tea, writing was something I picked up in college.

Ernest Hemingway once said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed".

If you're thinking "we have iPhones, Hemingway." You're not wrong (but that's not the point). Writing done right is life in word form. If that is true then written content should capture attention like a flash lighting a dark cloudy sky.

Copy should make a person feel urgency, intrigue; words should evoke emotion and spark in the eye of the beholder.

Unfortunately, some copy sounds like it was written to tranquilize elephants.

Others to scream at you "MoNeY" "Buy NOW" "SALE".

Both are awful for very different reasons.

I'm here to help build your projects without the extra noise.

The "How" Part

You know my Who, my What, and my Why, so here my How.
My process

1. Brief
What's the project? What do you need done? Who is your market? Whether it is a blog post or a social media page these techniques are applied to prepare your project for the next phase. After getting answers to the essential questions we'll progress to our next stage of work
2. Research
What is the voice you want to use? What is your end goal, and how do you show people you have what they need? Research! We'll dive into the unique and personal needs of your market and demographic to best serve you and them.
3. Sample
You'll be sent a draft that you can return so your feedback will fuel the edits that further tailor the work to your businesses' needs.
4. Review
Review and revise the draft until it is the way you want it.
6. Product
This is the deliverable and what gets your business attention, appeal and revenue. Also, there wasn't a "5"

So, are you ready to get back to doing the things you care about?

When you need Content

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Draft
  • Edit

For, blog, brand, social media

That means articles, guest posts, reviews and more.

I deliver copy that builds your brand and content that pops.

Concise right?

I research and craft written content relevant to your brand that engages your current supporters and converts your future supporters.

I save you time, increase attention, and push revenue.

It's okay if you're sold by now.

I know I'd be.

When you want Copy

Words for your products or services

We all Need a mission statement. Mine is that I help you words. For your marketing campaign, email list, or website.

But maybe you're a rising artist who needs a media kit or a description of your work?

Or even a a business head with a great Product, but not enough time to say what it does to who needs it?

Lets talk.

Other things

  • Content planning: Social Media, Blog, etc.,
  • Marketing, Branding, Logo's
  • Business branding, design, and copy
  • Website branding, design, and copy (same as previous, but for apps)
  • Branding, design, and copy
    (seeing a trend here?)
  • Other things


"Because how you do what you do matters just as much as what you do"


Great Content; Never Boring


I believe that
Great Copy can be many things:
formal, relaxed, exciting, information, but it should never, ever be borning.

There is power in personality; wield the power.


H.I.Q. Model


In business, much like life, trust is built on honesty, and nothing is more important than that. I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.


Integrity is a promise to a higher standard. It is doing the difficult thing when the easy thing could happen and no one would know. It means no shortcuts, filler, or excuses.


Professional, engaging and clean, that is quality and quality is guaranteed.


Let's Dive In


I write for a few reasons: To rid the world of inauthentic, bland copy, to make money on the internet, and to make your life easier.
More importantly,
My mission is to partner with smallbusinesses and entrepreneurs to help their business grow and make their projects pop.