Copy is about sales

Make them Care

“Let’s get to the heart of the matter. The power, the force, the overwhelming urge to own that makes advertising work, comes from the market itself, and not from the copy. Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exists in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product. This is the copy writer’s task: not to create this mass desire – but to channel and direct it.” – Eugene Schwartz


Get Informed

Grab attention, inform, then direct.

That is all it takes.

If you can do those 3 things well, you can make near anything happen.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to press play?

Scroll on.


Ads | Writing (design add-on)

Copy for Digital - Promo - Print - Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Service does not include management

Social Media | Word + Content

Content Includes content

Service does not include management

Email | Writing - Editing (design add-on)

Newsletter - Personal - Production Launch - Promotional - Sales - Offer

– Avaiable for both Single and Campaign

Product/Service | Writing

Description - Listing - Naming

Rate varies depending on project, starting at $44 [usd]/hr

Web Content | Drafting - Editing

Written content: Articles - Blogs - Featured - Articles

[Single] [Series]

Web Page [Copy] | Writing - Editing

Amazon Sales Page - Audit - Home Page - Landing Page - Information Page -

Web Design***

Only Select Projects. Honestly, It takes too long.

Other | Writing + Editing

Control** - Direct mail ** - E-Book ** - Fundrasing - Proofreading - Taglines - Tone and Voice Guidelines - Training materials - Video scripts: Training and Promotion

On call option avalable

*Flat Rate is based on hourly rate, which starts at $44/hr

For long-term/on-going projects Commission-based, Royalty, and Monthly retainer options are available.
In-House also available.

** No one's asked me to do these yet, but I'd love to :)

*** Only Select Projects. Honestly, It takes too long, so you've got to be special special.