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Me. Hey

Hi, I'm Kalann.

I am writer and marketing creative, and I spend my days helping brands develop their own distinct voice and identity or stressing about my own.

I also dance, but that's not super relevant.

I'm not for everyone, and that's okay; the point of life isn't to blend in, so why start now?

Anyways, if you need help amplifying your voice we can do that.

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- Kalann

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Here Are The Facts

Running a Business Is Hard.

And yet, more and more people are getting in on online business.

Think about this

30.7 Million Americans have a business of their own.

That's at least 30.7 Million hopeful, coffee-stained mugs, and at least 61.4 million sleepless eyes.

Between life and running the American dream it isn't easy.

It so uneasy 50% of businesses close their doors in the first Two-Years alone. And as if running a business weren't already hard enough, Due to COVID-19, 31% of that 30.7 Million are stuck in the mud.

Want another one?

I promise its less depressing.

*pinky up*

According to statista.com, "almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020"

Which means what?

It means a few things:

It's a good time to enjoy memes.

It also means that now, more than ever e-commerce, having an online presence, and standing out in the marketplace matter more than ever.

It means those 30.7 million hopefuls, myself included, have a chance dispite the world seeming to fall out from under us.

The problem, however, is noise.

And Tired.

And Overload.

And Responsibilities.

You Need to make your presence felt.

You Need Marketing, content, and a tribe.

And you need it fast.

Even if it's "D.I.Y.", it Shouldn't mean Alone.

75% More Online

30.7 Million Small Businesses in the US

55% Start to be "their own Boss"

31% are Non-Operational due to COVID*


Get To Know Me

What I Love

Among many things, I started writing because I wanted freedom, and I wanted to be able to help people doing cool things without being locked into a 9-5.

And for better or* worse, that is exactly what I have done for the last 3 years. ^and

Whether on Social Media, Print, B2B, or DTC, I started working as Kalann the Creative to help you tell your story.

So whether you're a seasoned vet flying solo, an overworked duo trying to find time to breath, or still figure out where exactly you fit, I've got you.

Stalk Me

“A marketing copywriter is a sort of dual role. A copywriter creates content; a marketer takes content and uses it as a tool to generate site traffic, and, hopefully, leads. Leads, of course, meaning potential customers who have provided some of their information to the business, such as an email address.”



Happy people

Nesha T-Woods
Kalann helped me revise my vision and mission statement for my blog. Also his creativity with words gave me new ideas for my writing style. I appreciate his willingness to spend multiple phone conversations helping me expand my ideas. I highly recommend Kalann!
LaQuenta On Purpose
Kalann is a powerhouse with words. He helped my coaching company refresh our brand vision and mission statement - amazing thought partner during consultations. Professional, wise & insightful. Highly recommend him as a presenter or to hire for strategic freelance project management. He will give the right words for the clients you want to reach!
Paul Turner
He has a good eye for graphics and has a quick turn around.
Joshua M. Brosvic
Kalann took my verbal concept for a real estate business card and turned it into a sleek, professional, and unique card that always catches the eye. He is timely and disciplined with his projects and won’t let you down!

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D.I.Y. Doesn't mean Alone.

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What Do You Need?

And How I can Help

Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Getting your message out, one word at a time. | Articles, Social Media Content, Emails
Got a promo? Need a better one? This option is for you
Brand Book, Tone Development, aka your ticket for standing out in the marketplace | Bios, Mission Statements, Logos and More
Ads, Websites, and eBooks have something in common: Copy. "It's better to give" after all | And because taking away is also a gift. Editing for: Books, e-Books, Content, etc. is also available |
Trying to reach a new audience? That starts with Research and Planning, and a good idea, but doesn't end there. | Social Media Campaign, Ads

"Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

- Bruce Lee